Carlos Silva

This is my portfolio of the six most recent projects, from award-winning mobile platforms to CMS and other tools developed over the last 2 years.


Musar - App Development

I created this museum-oriented platform in which curators and artists can create great stories for the visitors to find the motivation and history behind the pieces. In the early days of augmented reality (AR) I lead the development team to design and deploy new features. The cloud platform was entirely designed by me and it enabled the animation team to create, upload and edit high-impact content for new exhibitions as well as tracking the user interaction and gather information on which museums/exhibitions/pieces were more relevant to their experience as visitors.  Pseudo-Holographic content was shown in 3D space through the user’s camera.


As part of a second phase of the project, I worked together with Southampton City Art Gallery and the University of Southampton Solent to create an augmented reality experience involving a gallery with more than 10 artworks and a city demonstration for a research project involving the artwork from the acclaimed artist Dan Perfect.  The project quickly gained traction and attention from the media and other galleries.

Technology Used

Unity 3D, Vuforia

See on AppStore / GooglePlay

This project came from a venture capitalist who spotted a market need from a real pain inside their organization. The platform is a B2B model that consists of a suite of tools provided to subscribers (Hedge Funds), so they can get automated evaluations, analysis, and alerts for their applicant companies (startups) according to their customised criteria.

One of the provided tools is a microsite hosting service to redirect applicants and fill in their startup’s relevant aspects. All parameters are stored in their servers and benchmarked to calculate the market value for investment opportunities.

I was given a budget and a project brief and assigned to architect the whole system (back-end, front end, and frameworks), then assembled the team to build and develop the first version according to the project’s priorities for the budget, time, and scope.


Technologies Used

HTML, MongoDB, ExpressJS, JavaScript (Angular2), NodeJS

Front end website (main website) –

Front end microsite tool (example) –

Back end dashboard (password protected)

SCOPE Development Solutions

SCOPE standardises procurement of professional services in construction for developers and agents, acting on their behalf.  The system was designed to match big development companies building multi-million pound construction projects and suppliers offering services such as fire engineering, lighting design, quality assurance, etc.  The software uses AI to gather information from other databases and generates reports which are used to assist with the decision making process when selecting a supplier.

Technologies Used

HTML, Angular2 (front-end), PHP (back-end)

Attendance Monitoring System (SAMS)

As part of a consultancy work carried out at the University of Portsmouth, I redesigned the Attendance Monitoring System (SAMS) and Student Engagement Monitoring System (SEMS) based on Oracle Databases holding Student and Timetabling data and connecting to the University’s VLE and Library Systems. This project was key to the University’s UKBI compliance and effective monitoring of the student’s journey, feeding the information to the University’s Data Warehouse and then to the new student systems portal (SITS).

Technologies Used

HTML, JQuery, Bootstrap (front-end), PHP, MySQL (back-end)

Project is internal only and no external access can be provided.



Normandy Village Hall

We worked together with Normandy Village Hall to re-vamp their website and create a powerful and fresh site.  We focused on allowing the local community to communicate with them and book their premises and take payments online.  The main priority for the village hall was to allow their internal committee to have access to an easy to use CRM and CMS.  Therefore we opted to use WordPress as the best value for money option.   Configuration and setup of specific plugins allowed us to create a powerful, yet user-friendly e-commerce site.  The village hall serves an estimated of 600 users every day and (pre-COVID) used to take 20 new reservations every day.



Technologies Used

HTML, WordPress (front-end), PHP, developed specific booking plugin in PHP (back-end)

iGAS Technology Solutions

I was asked to develop a tailored made content management system to manage parts, quotes, orders and suppliers/clients information while linking any actions with an ERP in the cloud.  The system was developed over the last 2 years and now includes alerts, automatic reporting and flags.   



Technologies Used

HTML, JQuery, Bootstrap, Ajax calls to backend.

Website is restricted to company users only.